30% of top online shopping domains are susceptible to SSL attacks

We found that even though the absolute bulk of the internet shops follows exceptional to excellent SSL arrangement methods as a whole, virtually a third of the web servers we assessed are susceptible to known SSL vulnerabilities, with the BEAST susceptibility being one of the most extensive among on the internet shops.

BEAST (brief for Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS) is an attack that enables a risk star to access the data traded in between an internet server as well as the individual’s web browser. For internet shoppers, this would certainly consist of authentication tokens, payment info, and much more. To put it simply, not something you’d wish to turn over to your neighborhood cybercriminal.

The good news: Most on the internet purchasing servers have excellent SSL setups

To analyze the SSL server configuration security of the 2,620 domain names we accumulated, we made use of the SSL Web server ranking system by Qualys SSL Labs. Simply put, this ranking is computed by analyzing an internet server’s SSL certification and after that inspecting the server’s setup for protocol, essential exchange, and also cipher support. Ball games for each are integrated to determine the final SSL server ranking score, which is revealed as a letter grade.

We at CyberNews chose to see if preferred on-line shops take their file encryption hygiene seriously. To do this, our Examination team examined the internet servers of 2,620 preferred on-line buying domain names for SSL configuration protection, in addition to their susceptibility to known vulnerabilities pertaining to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol.

We made a decision to evaluate for those susceptibilities in particular since they are well-known, have been uncovered long ago, and also already have patches launched for them, placing the obligation for the existence of such security holes squarely server-side.

The bad news: Online shopping web servers susceptible to BEAST, POODLE, and also SINK susceptibilities

When performing our SSL setup analysis, we additionally tested the online shopping servers for 6 known SSL vulnerabilities, including BEAST, POODLE, and DROWN, which may permit cybercriminals to accomplish SSL-based attacks against the internet shops and their users.

Here’s what we uncovered when we evaluated the servers of 2,620 buying domains for recognized SSL vulnerabilities:

  • 29.5% of web servers are vulnerable to the BEAST strike
  • 0.6% of internet servers are prone to the POODLE attack
  • 0.08% of internet servers have the DROWN susceptibility


For the most part, the very best way to shield yourself against SSL/TLS-related assaults is to disable older protocol variations. This is even a typical demand for some industries. As an example, June 30, 2018, was the target date for disabling assistance for SSL as well as early variations of TLS (approximately and also consisting of TLS 1.0) according to the PCI Data Safety Requirement. The Internet Design Task Force (IETF) released advisories concerning the safety of SSL: RFC 6176 and also RFC 7568. Deprecation of TLS 1.0 and also 1.1 by IETF is expected soon.


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